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Dominick Quartuccio

Design Your Future

I help individuals, teams and businesses Design a Future they can’t wait to live into.

As a keynote speaker, trainer, executive coach and author, I work with the best of the best.

Here’s what I see:

Demands On You Are Up: The demands on your time, energy and focus have gone up this year versus last year. But the reality is, the demands on you will go up EVERY year until the day you choose to stop working. This is exciting, because you’re playing bigger games. Yet also troubling for the following reason…

Your Sacrifices Are Up: While you continue to meet those increasing demands (your productivity is at an all-time high!), you’ve most likely sacrificed one or many critical parts of your life. Maybe you’ve sacrificed your own personal health (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually), your relationships (partners, spouses, children, socially, dating) or your own personal passions (adventure, creativity, travel, hobbies).

Restless and Drifting: Continued sacrifice isn’t sustainable. That system will break, and maybe it has already. That’s why I hear high-achievers constantly tell me they’re feeling increasingly ambivalent about the work and life they once loved. Perhaps you’re starting to feel restless in the life you’ve created for yourself. Maybe even though on paper everything is great, when you look out at your future, it’s hard to pinpoint what truly energizes you. Maybe…you’re drifting.

Break Free From Drift: You don’t have to live a life of drift. You can Design a Future you can’t wait to live into. How the best get better is to ALIGN the most critical areas of work and life. This requires a process of Awakening to your current limiting habits and beliefs, Disrupting yourself and Designing your future. This is what I teach individuals, teams and businesses.

Corporate clients I’ve done work for include: Prudential Retirement, T.Rowe Price, T. Rowe Price Australia, Prudential Advisors, Prudential Life Insurance, Paychex, Commonwealth Financial, and UBS.

Small business/startup clients include: Expectful and One More Woman.

Executive coaching clients work for: JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, National Financial Partners, S&P Financial, Intuitive Surgical, Zimmer BioMet, Prudential Retirement.

Facts About Me

Dollars invested in personal development over last 12 months
Years worked in corporate financial services
Days spent world traveling on a non working Radical Sabbatical

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It's time to kill this blog

After months of internal conflict…I’ve finally come to a difficult resolution:

It’s time to kill this blog.

At least in it’s current form.

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The #1 middle-aged male fantasy is ...


The Un-Scientific (but legitimate) Survey

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been conducting a highly un-scientific survey of middle-aged men between the ages of 30-50*.
*Yes, I’ve lumped 30 year old men into the category of “middle aged” mainly to tweak you younger guys from my bully pulpit (for my amusement.)

These men have important titles, dependent families and an insatiable desire to keep achieving.

They also have bags under their eyes, no white space in their calendar and carry an emergency supply of Imodium AD tablets.

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Sometimes I get fan mail


Fear of criticism…keeping you from gold.

Sometimes I get fan mail:

“Listen I have to tell you…..I kind of threw up in my mouth a bit when you launched your company. Just being honest. The videos, the pictures smashing glass things with your shirt unbuttoned…doing pushups in a bamboo hut and videotaping it……it was just too much to take. And, quite frankly, life coaches and motivational speakers are a dime a dozen……”

And here I thought smashing glass (shirt sans buttons) was a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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