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Need a proven framework for instituting new habits and behaviors in your life? Learn:

 The 3 crucial things that MUST exist in order for change to occur
 Why most of the habits/behaviors you want to institute…SHOULD look different than what you’re envisioning right now
 How to overcome the routine and/or seemingly insurmountable obstacles standing in the way






Dominick’s E-Books


5 Steps to Creating Healthy Habits

I wrote 5 Steps to Creating Healthy Habits to answer the question I get all the time:

“How is that you seem to get so much stuff done?”

Taking cues from many of the greatest life hackers out there – Tim Ferriss, Charles Duhigg and Napoleon Hill – it’s not about discipline or willpower, it’s about the systems you put in place to create your success.

I’ve used this process to start my coaching practice, to go from 50 to 100 consecutive pushups in under 3 months, to start my meditation routine, to create my morning rituals, to abstain from alcohol for 100 days and TV/Netflix for 50 days, to plan my 90-day Radical Sabbatical, and many other BIG projects I am up to in life.

In this succinct, actionable and highly practical guide I outline my 5 key steps to creating healthy new habits and behaviors that yield results every time.

Watch this 2 minute video for an overview of the 5 steps:


Take Command of Your Next 90 Days

I am currently in the process of authoring “Take Command of Your Next 90 Days,” scheduled for release in 2017.

I’m of the mindset that you can accomplish extraordinary things in 90 days if your missions, measurements and mindsets are aligned.

But the problem I’ve found amongst the highest achievers like you is that mounting responsibilities, distractions and pressures causes you to scatter your energy as you relentlessly switch from one challenge to the next.

And while you may feel productive because you ARE getting an extraordinary amount of things done, chances are many of those things aren’t yielding the highest impact results for you or your business.

The pursuit of “feeling” productive all too often yields incremental – as opposed to noticeable, influential or best of all, transformational – results.

The highest of achievers struggle with this. High achievers THRIVE on taking on new challenges.

And that’s the biggest problem: having too many challenges stands in the way of extraordinary impact.

By taking total command of your energy and focus, and de-cluttering that which is truly non-essential, you can achieve transformational impact in your work and life in periods of time as short as 90 days.

This Book Will Feature:

  • People who have done extraordinary things in short periods of time and how they did it
  • Models and frameworks that will get you thinking differently about how you manage your time and energy

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Do a thorough inventory of your activities, commitments and habits
  • Shift away from the trappings of productivity (getting “stuff” done)
  • Aligning all energies to high impact (amplify your results) activities
  • Disrupt your existing systems (temporarily)
  • Identify the SHORT list of most impactful things in your life
  • Create an accountability system that ensures your success
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