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Coach: Dominick Quartuccio

Take Command of Your Next 90 Days

The Surprisingly Simple Path to Extraordinary Results


Summary of the Problem


With mounting responsibilities, distractions and pressures, it’s easy to scatter your energy as you relentlessly switch from one challenge to the next.

And while you may feel productive because you ARE getting an extraordinary amount of things done, chances are many of those things aren’t yielding the highest impact results for you or your business. 

The pursuit of “feeling” productive all too often yields incremental – as opposed to noticeable, influential or best of all, transformational – results. The highest of achievers struggle with this.

The primary reason for this is the high achievers THRIVE on taking on new challenges. And that’s the biggest problem: having too many challenges stands in the way of extraordinary impact.


Summary of the Solution (the Program)


By taking total command of your energy and focus, and decluttering that which is truly non-essential, you can achieve transformational impact in your work and life in periods of time as short as 90 days.

In this program, you will undergo an intense process that includes:

  • Doing a thorough and honest inventory of your activities, commitments and habits
  • Disrupting your existing systems (temporarily)
  • Deciding on the SHORT list of most impactful things in your life
  • Executing on a High Impact 90-Day Plan with tangible measurables


What is in this Program?


  • An online video curriculum in the spirit of Kahn Academy’s “flipped classroom”
  • The video education and frameworks are consumed on the individual’s own time and pace.
  • The coaching sessions are built exclusively for working and execution.
  • 3 one on one sessions per month for 90 days (total of 9 one on ones).
  • Eliminate clutter and low impact obligations.
  • Shifting away from the trappings of productivity (getting “stuff” done) and aligning all energies to high impact (amplify your reach and resonance) activities.


What will the Individual Get out of This Program?


  • You will have a clearly identified and executable High Impact 90-Day Plan.
  • You will have cut your personal and professional clutter in half.
  • You will have a series of essential frameworks to align your energy around activities that have the highest impact on your business.
  • You will have powerful morning and evening rituals that keep your highest impact activities front and center.
  • You will have a blueprint for how to replicate this process for following 90-day periods.
  • You will have access to the online curriculum for 9 additional months as a means of maintaining your learning for the following three 90-day sprints.


Coach Biography


Dominick Quartuccio is a 15 year veteran of the financial services industry, having sold and led sales teams for Prudential Financial. Now he runs his own speaking, training and coaching practice to help talented professionals take command of their energy to achieve high impact results fast. He is also an authority on helping others develop their personal brand.


Who is a Good Candidate for this Program?


This program is perfect for the high achieving professional who has an insatiable drive to get things done, constantly elevate their game and are unwilling to wait a long time to experience results.

Typically, this type of person has assumed more responsibilities than they can deliver 100% energy to when the time calls. Distractions and the constant switching between tasks dilutes their energy and impact. Privately, they are very well aware of this burden.

They are seeking a structure to help them clean up the non-essentials quickly and re-align their energy to the highest impact activities.

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