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Dominick Quartuccio

my story


Nothing gives my life more meaning than to help others find meaning in theirs.

For all of my life, I’ve had an obsession with becoming the best version of myself, just like many of the people I work with. Those of us who truly understand what it takes know that there is no finish line in this game. We will be playing until our very last breath.

All too often we high achievers can fall into a subtle – but suffocating – trap as the external accolades begin to pile up – money, promotions, possessions, recognition and bigger responsibilities.

We find ourselves beholden to the inescapable voice in our mind to do more.

To assume a never-ending set of greater responsibilities and obligations.
To push ourselves into overdrive.

And as a result, we never fully explore what brings us meaning and purpose in our lives.

I know this because I speak from experience. Life truly is an inside job. When I figured this out, I found meaning in my life. My energy went up, my workload went down, and the results in my career and personal life skyrocketed.

I left a lucrative 15-year career in financial services to live out this meaning to its fullest extent. And I’m here to help you do the same.

I LOVE taking on big challenges. Putting myself in uncomfortable situations. And devouring anything that will help me raise my game.

A few of my favorite examples from the past year:

100 Pushup Challenge

I’ve always loved pushing my physical limits and breaking through previously “impossible” thresholds. Doing 100 consecutive pushups was one of those “impossible” milestones for me, as I’d never done more than 52 in a row (back when I was 18 years old). So I chose to set this big, hairy audacious goal for myself, and I ended up accomplishing it in under 90 days. (I also decided to tackle 30 consecutive pull-ups, also accomplished in under 90 days, which you can watch here: 30 Consecutive Pullups)

10 Days in Silence


10 Things I Learned from 10 Days in Silent Meditation

Since I started my meditation in 2013, my biggest, boldest and most transformational ideas have come during these moments of stillness and reflection. The idea of sitting in silence for 10 days, meditating 11 hours each day, stripped of all access to stimulation, frightened me. So of course, I ran headfirst into this experience during my 90 day Radical Sabbatical (which you can hear more about in this video: After 15 Years, it’s Time to Say Goodbye). Here’s what I learned.

3 Best Business Books

Save Time, De-Clutter and Focus

I’m obsessed with having less to do, having a clearer mind and only investing my energy in the maximum impact activities for my business and my life. Here are three of the best books I’ve ever read on how to get there.


441d4f27-6c96-49d1-8fdd-04006a4215edDominick Quartuccio is an energetic, passionate and innovative thought leader who is driven by guiding others to achieve the best version of themselves.

For 15 years, he walked his own highly successful path as a corporate business leader with Prudential.

His background is in sales and sales leadership. Most recently, he was responsible for running the East Coast Sales Team for Prudential Retirement, owning an $1.4B annual sales goal.

Often seen as an entrepreneur inside of a Fortune 100 organization, Dominick built a name for himself by challenging conventional thinking, optimizing productivity and developing talented people at all stages of their career journey.

At the heart of his work is the belief that we are capable of doing much bigger things much more quickly than we currently believe…while also radically decluttering our lives and creating space to enjoy the journey of achievement and personal development.

Dominick works with super talented professionals who have an insatiable desire to achieve more and continuously improve themselves.

He is the architect of the Take Command series, including Take Command of Your Next 90 Days and Take Command of Your Personal Brand, both of which are available as individual and group coaching programs, as well as keynote speeches.



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