It’s time to kill this blog

After months of internal conflict…I’ve finally come to a difficult resolution:

It’s time to kill this blog.

At least in it’s current form.


I’ve been constipated…

And it’s not the kind that your grandmother’s prune juice can remedy.

You see, writing this blog has become, in recent months, overly exhausting. Every time I sit down to type, I get jammed up.

Sure, I’ve squeezed out a few golden nuggets (when I start a poop analogy, I can’t stop…won’t stop), but they’re never to my satisfaction, especially for the amount of energy exerted.

It’s because I’m holding back on you. And it’s killing me.


What have I been holding back?

There’s been a Grand Canyon sized gap between the deep, transformational work my team and I are doing with our clients…

…and what I’ve been sharing with you:

My clients are getting The Real Stuff.

You’re getting The Sanitized Version.

We go into every facet of our clients’ lives in the name of accelerating performance.

We’re confronting the real realities that no one else wants to touch:

Dreams and traumas.
Pride and shame.
Intimacy and impotency.
And everything in between.

The Real Stuff is the only thing that’s made any real difference in my clients’ lives.

But I’ve been talking to you as if we’re standing inside your place of work.

The workplace demands The Sanitized Version.


NOT The Real Stuff

In the workplace, there’s a “line” I can’t cross with you.

Certain topics…
Certain language…
Certain belief systems…

…are off limits.

The irony is, that’s the only stuff that really matters. The Real Stuff.

Which means I can’t keep feeding you The Sanitized Version.

I’m doing both you and me a disservice.

It’s time to send this blog, in it’s current form, to the glue factory.


Goodbye for now.

It may be a few weeks…or a few months…until you hear from me next.

But when you do, I promise you’ll only be getting my best shit.
Because that’s what you deserve.
And I won’t hold back.

You have my word.

Until then,


    • Alan Riva
      Jan 12, 2018 at 4:13 AM / Reply

      I love your honesty and commitment to living what you feel is your highest service. When you are ready, I am looking forward to reading more of your inspiring journey.

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