7 Questions to Tell if you’re Drifting in Life

This weekend, I witnessed 19 men’s life change (including my own).

For 3 days, these successful men – leaders, business owners, husbands, fathers, friends – came together at the foot of the Adirondacks in the Berkshires to break free from a pervasive and subtly destructive life condition called “Drift.”


What is “Drift?” 

Drift is a term coined by Napoleon Hill (author of the immortal Think and Grow Rich) in his enlightening must-read book: Outwitting the Devil.

According to Hill, Drift is a life condition characterized by being controlled by the Devil: Infiltrating your habits and patterns, the Devil tricks you into believing your calling your own shots in life when in fact you’re just along for the ride.

Ironically, even the most successful people find themselves in a state of Drift in some context of their lives: work, relationships, personal health, spiritual connection…

If you’ve ever felt “I have it all” and at the same time a sense of dis-ease, feelings of restlessness in your life or questions of “why doesn’t this feel better,” then you’ve experienced Drift. 

(I write a lot more about this in my soon-to-be-released book, Design Your Future: 3 Steps to Stop Drifting and Start Living)


Am I Drifting?  

Here are 7 questions to identify if and where you’re drifting in life:

1) Your fears drive your behaviors

2) Unless forced or ordered by an outside party, you lack enthusiasm and drive to undertake something.

3) You make the same mistakes over and over again

4) You begin many thing but complete nothing

5) You eat too much and exercise too little

6) You criticize others (publicly or privately in your own mind).

7) You lack a major sense of purpose in your life.


Break Free From Drift

The way out of Drift is to instigate an Awakening in your life. An Awakening occurs when you snap out of your unconscious Drift and are ready to take action towards change. 

Unfortunately, 98% of Awakenings are unintentional – when an outside force thrusts itself upon you. Typically in a negative way:

  • Your partner cheats on you.

  • You lose a family member/friend unexpectedly.

  • Your test came back positive.

These are painful moments, and also transformational opportunities.

But the question becomes: Why build your life around waiting for an outside force (typically a negative one) to catalyze change in your life? How much control do you have over your life in that system?

In the coming newsletters, I’ll teach you how to catalyze your own Intentional Awakenings.

In the meantime, check out this 90-second video on why you need to break free from Drift:

Amy Merrill