Kill Your Vacations. Plan Adventures.

Standing amidst the chaos of Mumbai, Diane – a sub-100-pound American woman – is in the most populous city in India…for the very first time…completely on her own.

“The experience was jarring. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me.”

When learning of the solo Adventure she had planned, half of Diane’s friends and family cheered her on.

The other half desperately tried to talk her out of it. Terrified for her safety and convinced she’d be at risk of getting violently ill, raped, or murdered.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen to me…and I felt so alive.”

One of the biggest complaints I hear from super successful and super busy high-achievers:

“My life has become boring and predictable.”

In other words, they can’t remember the last time they felt alive.

Here’s one way to bring life back:

Kill your next vacation. Plan an Adventure.

Vacations are predictable and safe.

They’re also surprisingly boring.

Studies from Harvard have shown the two most exciting days of a vacation are

  • The day before you leave.

  • The day you book the trip.

The trip itself is usually a letdown.

Adventures involve mystery. Uncertainty. The unknown. Maybe even an element of fear.

 And ALWAYS, growth. 

You don’t have to go as extreme as Diane did – at least not on your first Adventure.

My first “Adventure” was in 2010, when I took my first trip anywhere…solo.

I went to such super-exotic places as South Beach and Puerto Rico. Clearly, I didn’t have the courage that Diane did.

Even then, booking the trip was unnerving because I’d never traveled solo before.

Would I make friends?

Would I get lonely?

Would I look weird?


On that Adventure, I learned how to be alone. I figured out how to quickly make travel friends.

I carried what I learned on that Adventure to take even bigger Adventures in the years to come culminating in a 90 Radical Sabbatical from March-May of this year where I also did a 22-mile hike I did off the Napali Coast of Kaua’I, Hawaii and took a spontaneous helicopter-drop hike in the mountains of New Zealand.

People always say that time flies. Not during those 90 days of my Radical Sabbatical. They were slow. Gloriously slow.

Because I felt alive.

Adventures have a way of doing that.

As of Wednesday, October 5th, you’ll have 87 days left in 2016.

Before the year is out, put an Adventure on the books for 2017.

Growth awaits.

Memories await.

The clock is ticking…



PS – If you have an Adventure planned, I’m all ears.

PPS – Vagabonding by Rolf Potts is a must-read to stimulate your Adventure thinking

Amy Merrill