"There simply aren't enough great things I can say about this book. It is equal parts challenging, maddening, enlightening, and even humorous. Dominick has a way of cutting to the core on hard-hitting issues while managing to weave in threads of humor along the way."

- Debra L


"This book is exactly as headlined, a well placed kick in the pants, and an eye (and mind) opening experience From the get go, with great insights, self reflection and humor, Dominick helps you pull your head out of the sand that is your routine life and forces you to face a limitless future."

- Nick R

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"There are so many books on "making your dreams come true" without having any grasp or grounding in reality. What sets Design Your Future apart is that it goes beyond the aspirational to the practical. It is a book that looks honestly at the lives we the people live - the fears we have, the struggles we face."

- Endeavoring E


"I really cannot recommend this book highly enough! It's thoughtful, well-written, beautifully designed and will change your life for the better."

- Brad B