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Dominic Quartuccio is an international speaker, author, mentor and 15 year-veteran of the healthcare (CIGNA), insurance and financial services (Prudential) industries.

His keynote speeches focus on Elevating Performance and Short-Circuiting Burnout, mixing inspiration and practicality with immediate takeaways for the modern corporate high-performer.



Bio for Keynote Introductions:

Dominick Quartuccio is an international speaker, author and executive coach to change makers in business.

He has a passion for helping individuals and teams raise their performance while short circuiting burnout.

Dominick draws upon 15 years of fortune 100 corporate experience, leading executive teams and owning a $1.4B sales goal for Prudential Financial.

At the heart of his work is the belief that we are capable of doing much bigger things…much more quickly…with far greater ease than we currently believe.

Perhaps the following testimonial sums him up best:

“There are only a handful of people you will meet on your life journey who will alter your course in a profoundly positive way. Dominick is one of those people. His years of training and continuous self-development make him highly qualified as a coach, author and speaker. But it is his genuine desire to improve the lives of all those who will listen, which makes him so unique. Listen, and you will be inspired.
Do, and your life will be transformed.”

-       Linda Knox, Head of Innovation Lab, Prudential Retirement




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